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Taking capital markets on a digital journey

Issuing securities and keeping them listed is costly, slow, and cumbersome.

Capital markets issuance is highly complex and involves multiple stakeholders, using largely manual processes to produce complicated,
regulated, often public documents. The ScribeStar digital ecosystem brings together issuers, lawyers, exchanges, and regulators into a
secure workspace where capital market issuances and filings can be created and managed in a collaborative manner based on
structured data principles. Using our innovative technology we digitize and streamline today’s listing and compliance process and
capture a fresh set of structured financial and non-financial information at its origin.

Increase Productivity

Focus on value-added work processes whilst our technology automates the manual repetitive tasks. Benefit from efficiency gains of straight through workflows and digital processing at each stage of the securities lifecycle.

Cost and time
Reduce Cost and Time

The significant time savings brought by our technology reduces time and cost of coming to market by automating the manual tasks associated with listings, compliance, and regulatory oversight of your issuance.

Risk and Security
Reduce Risk

Remove risks associated with complex transactions and distributed teams,  using a secure ecosystem where deal teams collaborate on a single source of truth and access to Just In Time information for the transaction.

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Utilise Data

Transform unstructured data to structured data using your current work processes, and unlock a seamless flow of data into trading processes of the securities exchange. Capitalise on data analytics and intelligence.

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A firm belief in efficiency at Travers Smith
Aaron Stocks, Head of Funds at Travers Smith