We’re hosting a panel with the London Stock Exchange and Taylor Wessing on how to do an IPO in London

Event Date: Wed, 22 March 2023, 10:00 – 11:00 GMT

Location: Online

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For fast-growing tech companies, an IPO can be an aspirational goal. The excitement on the first day of public trading is considered by many founders to be the pinnacle of their journeys. Join us for this panel to learn why you should consider an IPO in the future, how to start preparing for it today, and what the real-life process of going public looks like.

Listing on public markets has become a very attainable and viable option, especially with the support of technology and specialised legal advice. In total over 120 inspiring companies chose to list on the London Stock Exchange in 2021 raising £16.8bn, the strongest year for IPO capital raising since 2007 and the highest number of IPOs since 2014. Together, tech businesses accounted for nearly 40% of total IPO proceeds.

Listing on public markets can:

✔️ Allow you to accelerate growth of the business while retaining control and leadership

✔️ Let you access to deep pools of permanent growth capital at IPO and beyond, with the ability to raise further growth capital in weeks rather than months

✔️ Be a valuable acquisition currency: since 2016 London Stock Exchange-listed companies have used their stock to buy businesses in 54 countries, more than any other exchange in the world

✔️ Create greater public awareness, credibility and trust in your company

✔️ Provide an opportunity to diversify their shareholder base and let existing shareholders achieve liquidity, and

✔️Help embed meaningful long-term incentives and wider employee ownership

Topics we will cover include:

👉 Making the decision to go public in London

👉 Understanding the different markets – AIM vs. main market

👉 Eligibility and suitability criteria, and how to start preparing today

👉 Putting together the equity story of your business

👉 Deciding on the size and type a listing

👉 The real-life IPO process; who is involved how long it takes, an how much it costs

👉 What are the rules, regulations, documentation and compliance expectations

👉 How technology can help you make the process smoother and more affordable

About the Speakers (in alphabetical order)

Adam Shaw,  Founder and Executive Chairman, ScribeStar

Adam is Founder and the Exec Chair of ScribeStar. ScribeStar is a digital platform that makes the IPO process simpler, quicker and more cost-effective. ScribeStar has helped in almost 50 publicised IPOs and saves up to 50% of the time that drafters spend on producing prospectuses

Prior to ScribeStar he spent 14 years in private equity covering both small (£5-25m EV) whilst at Manfield Partners and large (>£1bn) transactions at LetterOne. He was an investment banker at Enskilda Securities for 8 years before heading up and building the M&A team at Kaupthing Bank where he was involved in a number of public transactions. He is also a chartered accountant.

Damir Cimer, COO, ScribeStar | Moderator

Damir is the COO at ScribeStar, where he also leads technology initiatives and relationships with exchanges. He works with capital markets stakeholders to deploy ScribeStar’s digital listing and reporting platform, bridging the divide between issuers, exchanges, and investors.

Prior to joining ScribeStar Damir spent 4 years at the Advisor on the Board of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), working on the Bank’s operational and strategic matters, and its projects in developing economies. Previously he worked for 9 years at the Ministry of Finance in his native Croatia, where he was responsible for managing and restructuring State Owned Enterprises, subsequently introducing private infrastructure financing to the Ministry, and becoming Head of Concessions and PPPs. Before relocating to London, he led teams on digital transformation and other strategic initiatives at the PM’s Office. He has also worked as a consultant on infrastructure financing for the OECD in 6 countries.

Lauren Crawley-Moore, Regional Lead, London & The South, UK Primary Markets, London Stock Exchange

Lauren Crawley-Moore heads regional coverage for London and the South within the Primary Markets team. Lauren is responsible for providing guidance to ambitious private companies and their investors in their initial and on-going assessment of a potential IPO strategy. Lauren is responsible for leading the portfolio in London and the South region across AIM and the Main Market. Lauren works with key stakeholders including companies and the corporate advisory, Private Equity and VC communities – including nominated advisers, sponsors, lawyers, and accountants.

Lauren has held a variety of roles at the LSEG, most recently as Head of Group Campaigns & Events, notably spearheading the inception and development of the Market Open experience for companies, and leading the Companies to Inspire projects, that focus on the promotion of private and public business in the growth sector across the UK and Africa.

Russell Holden, Partner, Taylor Wessing LLP

Russell is a corporate lawyer with almost 20 years’ experience advising corporates and investment banks on a wide range of domestic and cross-border transactions, including initial public offers (IPOs) and secondary fundraisings on the London markets and public and private mergers & acquisitions (M&A).

Russell has in-depth experience of equity capital markets transactions, having represented both corporate issuers and banks on numerous transactions, including the high-profile IPOs of FDM Group (Holdings) plc and On the Beach Group plc. He also has significant experience of public and private mergers and acquisitions, including on the public takeovers of the Wireless Group plc and WSP Group plc.

Russell also regularly advises corporate clients on issues relating to corporate governance issues and UK securities laws and regulations.

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