This year in retrospect and our 2022 plans

Dear clients and friends of ScribeStar,

As we approach the Holiday Season, we wanted to wish you and your families all the best! Despite the global challenges this year brought, we hope it was still a good one.

We take this opportunity to reflect on 2021 and share with you the exciting plans we have for next year.


2021 beats 2020 by 30%!

We will close this year with 30% more deals on the platform. We could not be happier! Huge thank you to all our clients and issuers!✅ 87 deals on the system

✅ 1500 users in total

✅ £8.6bn capital raised by our issuers

✅ 14 deals in the pipeline as we enter 2022

See all our publicly announced transactions here

Joined UK Tech Nation and Barclays Eagle Labs

In addition to being part of the London Stock Exchange Issuer Services and CMS equIP, this year we have joined Barclays Eagle Labs and UK Tech Nation FinTech 4.0 cohort. We are very proud to be part of each of these communities! ScribeStar operates at the intersection of capital markets, financial services, law, and regulatory compliance. With these supporting structures we make sure no stone is left unturned when serving our clients and developing our technology.

New features on ScribeStar

We never stop developing and innovating. Some of the features we’ve added in 2021 include;✅ New user interface and dashboard

✅ Regulatory reviews of listings directly on the system

✅ New definitions and data “blobs” manager

✅ New template manager and content sharing

✅ Layered approvals in the verification process

✅ Screen capture and annotation for verification

Plans for next year!

Too many to list, so please keep track of us on LinkedIn (just kidding, just trying to get you to follow us if you already aren’t)

Grow, Innovate, Integrate!

Bring issuers closer to exchanges

Our targets for next year in terms of deal numbers are even more ambitions than this year. We will be working more closely with regulators and exchanges – something we have been preparing for throughout the year. It will allow us to offer our clients an even easier and speedier way to issue their securities, and also help the expansion of our services to the post listing environment.

In 2022 we will be supporting issuers with their ongoing reporting obligations, including regulatory news items and annual reports. Issuers kept asking us to give them a single tool to manage the whole lifecycle of their securities – well, it’s here now J!

ESG reporting

We will be rolling out our ESG reporting solution allowing issuers to use their ScribeStar environment to collaborate, produce, externally assure, and publish their sustainability reports in line with best practices and standards.

Our support for green and sustainable securities

All through 2022 ScribeStar will support the drive towards more environmentally and socially conscious public markets with special green pricing for our services for all transactions that clearly support the transition to a more sustainable economy.

These can be green and sustainable bonds, primary and secondary issues of shares by companies that bring forward sustainable technology and innovation (e.g. renewable energy, battery production, clean transport, sustainable agriculture, green buildings…), and any other investment vehicles or structured products with robust ESG integration. Expect a separate announcement on this in the coming weeks!

Want to share your ideas, wishes, or any other feedback, please reach out!