Underpinning efficiency and compliance in Capital Markets

Scribestar at its core is built upon structured content to provide efficiency gains when complex content has to be published. There are various benefits for using structured content and it specifically shines where you need to reuse content and publish it in different layouts and styles. There is a significant efficiency gain since subject matter experts can work purely on the content while systems automate formatting and structure. This is significant where large amounts of content need to be published in different documents and is already proven in industries such as Life Sciences, Engineering and Pharma. As your content grows in a matter, the efficiency gain is multi fold as you publish more documents.

To enable subject matter experts in more regulated environments have control, a comprehensive authoring and auditing mechanism we use DELTA XML. The capabilities of structured diff are much more far reaching than a line by line diff and it is significant. It allows us to process changes, remove wastage and present changes in a more sensible manner to our users and always enable them to see who did, what and when. We have added significant value to our product by using well known industry practices and tools. We did a case study recently on this with Delta XML to highlight the benefits.

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