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Why use ScribeStar to prepare your Company Announcements?

Do you handle large volumes of Company announcements, for your own company or for many different clients?
Are you fed up of emails and phone calls to get the contents right, waiting around for approvals and confirming the right versions of text? Don’t want to waste time on formatting and getting the tables right? Do you want to corporate branding on your announcements?
ScribeStar RNS can help you.

ScribeStar RNS Service is a secure online tool for teams to collaborate, draft, verify and submit Company Announcements to the London Stock Exchange’s RNS Submit system.

ScribeStar contains customisable ready-to-edit pre-formatted RNS templates, with output tailored for RNS Submit as well as allowing equivalent output to richly designed PDFs, web ready HTML and structured content (XML/DITA/JSON)

“ScribeStar’s RNS support service is a game changer for us.

The platform is easy to use, enabling us to generate the content of our announcements consistently and securely in an efficient, controlled, collaborative environment, with no formatting problems.”

Greg Lunn, General Counsel | Conduit Holdings Limited


Spend your time on the content and leave the rest to us!

coordinate draft and format your RNS announcements for the LSEq


Secure online environment to communicate internally and externally.

Tables done simply and easily


Controlled real-time collaboration with no version control issues.

Online, real-time collaboration - no version-control issues


Draft and edit Announcements from your own or our templates.

Built-in approval or verification system – no errors and ommissions


Use our pre-formatted RNS temples for the London Stock Exchange. Easy tables & rich corporate branding.

Pre-formatted RNS templates – publshing ready for RNS Submit


Verify contents and get necessary internal or external approvals, with full audit trail.

Branding, rich text and colour for your web published version


Send straight to RNS Submit and to Web with no additional work.

PR advisers and Company CFOs, GCs, CoSecs and others can work together, in a permission controlled manner, across multiple locations and time zones to:

Project manage corporate announcements
Draft and edit text
Input, audit and approve figures
Verify contents at all stages and before publishing
Substantiate claims internally and externally with source materials
Digitally approve final versions of announcements
Publish them to RNS Submit, Web or anywhere else
Store them with the full audit trail

ScribeStar is a member of the London Stock Exchange Issuer Services Marketplace

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