The Technology

A digital ecosystem for managing complex documentation associated with listings and the ongoing compliance of securities in capital markets. Our innovative technology digitizes pre-trading and post-trading processes in the issuance of securities using structured content and data.


* KPI’s are based on legal time and cost savings for an isolated use of ScribeStar. These are significantly higher on subsequent or follow-on issues, and greater benefits can be realised by engaging the full digital ecosystem for all market participants.


Transaction Types

  • IPOs (main and growth markets)
  • High-yield bonds
  • Green Bonds
  • Rights and other Issues
  • Take-overs
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Insurance Linked Securities
  • Funds
  • Real Estate or investment companies
  • Dual Listings



  • Digitalization
  • Process Automation
  • Streamlined Workflows.
  • Consistent and efficient Compliance
  • Cloud and Managed delivery options.
  • Remote Access and Collaboration
  • Structured Data
  • API Readiness
  • Machine Readable Formats.



  • ISO:27001 Certified.
  • Cyber Essentials Plus Certified
  • Encryption in transit and at rest.
  • Secure Key Vault.
  • Data Isolation and Sovereignty
  • Granular Access and Authorization
  • 24/7 Intrusion detection and Monitoring


Our offering

Precedents & Templates

  • Manage templates and precedents per team, practice area, issuer, bank or organisation
  • Manage precedents with conditions, checklists, compliance and backup information
  • Manage knowledge and automation of precedents using dynamic data models and our rich collaborative drafting features and controls
  • Template precedents for documents, sections or matters that can be shared with clients and maintained collaboratively *

Collaborative Drafting

  • Controlled collaborative drafting of document sets
  • Full change Audit, Blacklines & Version control
  • Approval and proof cycle workflows
  • Content reuse and sharing across transactions

Digital Verification

  • Remove time intensive manual work
  • Unparalleled levels of speed, accuracy and control
  • Up to 80% elimination of cost
  • Circle up, backup or verify based on your needs

Regulatory Compliance

  • Remove manual work from compliance
  • Access listing rules & checklists for different jurisdictions in one place
  • Fully automated filings to reduce inefficiencies
  • Create your own compliance checklists for quality control

Regulatory Filings

  • Prepare and manage filings to listing authorities or regulators
  • Manage filings to multiple jurisdictions in one place
  • Access listing rules for multiple jurisdictions and regulators in one place
  • Generate filings for subsequent submissions automatically

Typesetting & Publishing

  • “Just in Time” typesetting  and publishing
  • Control your content all the way to print
  • Publish a print ready PDF/A and other common document formats for third parties
  • Publish straight to the web (HTML), structured content (XML/DITA) and data (XML/JSON)

Prospectus Vetting

  • Issuers, law firms can collaborate with regulators to vet and approve the prospectus
  • Invite the readers from listing departments to use a modern, purpose built prospectus vetting environment
  • File the prospectus digitally and collaborate online or offline to speed up the process.
  • Regulators and deal teams can work in a streamlined, faster and efficient manner in a controlled and secure environment

Structured Data

  • Manage blobs and definitions
  • Manage data points in documents
  • API’s and listing rule data feeds
  • Structured content editing with multi-lingual support