Repeat issues, client retention and service

A repeatable process, offers opportunities to automate and reuse rather than re-inventing the wheel over and over again. It is often thought that capital markets transactions are completely bespoke, and tend to be stressful because of the variables involved. Be it the people, the tools they use, the complexity, issuer size or even the way they collaborate. Bringing simple and consistent tools and defining an efficient process will guarantee predictable and successful outcomes that are faster and more cost effective.

Firms want stronger relationships and repeat business from their clients. They are seeking newer ways to improve their customer experience using technology, innovation, knowledge management or better processes and tools. Our proposition is about enabling firms to provide better client service and innovative tools to be able to do just that.
We are not talking just about reusing a document here, it is much more than that, it is also about carrying all the factual information, knowledge and compliance work you did in your previous issuance as a lawyer and issuer. As a partner, you can have a whole new team working, with the guarantee that the knowledge and the findings of the previous issuance are carried forward without any loss of information. Our customers can have the confidence that the quality of the work and service provided to their client will be the same or better than the previous transaction, thereby guaranteeing faster turnaround, reduced cost and repeat business with their issuers.

Repeat and Improve

A good example of repeat work we have seen is that of S4 Capital and Travers Smith, who have worked on multiple projects with us in the last 12 months. Using templates, Travers Smith were able to easily produce first drafts of the key documentation with associated transaction metadata. This meant although the deal team members changed, the quality of work produced and the speed of execution were improved further, a win – win for both the issuer and the firm.

We have added a few examples of issuance documents from our customers here

What Next?

The workflow and automation we offer is an evolution of 40+ deal teams working on our platform. They have been modelled independently without affiliation or preference, which means we are able providing something that works for everyone. We will provide the tools to enable firms to package their service uniquely.
As a next step we are looking to provide tools for firms to be able to define their own deal or matter precedents, while we have some of this capability already we will bring some automation into play to make this easier for self service.

Pricing Plans

We have rationalized our pricing models so we can offer options that work for our customers. We have created structured pricing plans that suit the individual needs of our customers, enabling them to use our innovative technology with reduced or little financial risk, be it small or large deal teams.

What suits you will depend on how you position yourself to your end client. At the end of the day we are trying to offer options, so you can offer a predictable billing model, which in turn lends itself to improved client satisfaction and repeat work. We are confident that adopting Scribestar on your transactions makes repeat issuance’s easier, cheaper and faster to execute.

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