Scribestar 3.0 has arrived!!

A culmination of 7 upgrades and nearly 3 months on, we are pleased to announce the launch of Scribestar 3.0.  In June this year, we really thought hard about what this version should be about and we wanted our next major version to be focused on our users. It wasn’t about how much whizzy functionality we provided, it was purely about making your lives easier and how what we already offers more value.

So we set ourselves three objectives:

1. Increase Efficiency.

2. Simplify User Experience

3. Offer flexibility

To increase efficiency we enabled content sharing and reuse, for a simpler user experience we created a single integrated work space for our users where they can work on content and all its metadata in one place. To offer flexibility we enabled the ability to export content and its metadata into Microsoft Word alongside a large number of other enhancements too long to list here.

We’ve come a long way since the launch of our Alpha version in Sept 2016, we are extremely proud of what we have created as a team. Thank you to our regular customers, especially the early adopters, without your patience and feedback we couldn’t have got to where we are now!!!


Speak to us to know more about 3.0 or email as on