ScribeStar joins Allen & Overy Fuse Technology hub

ScribeStar joins Allen & Overy’s Fuse tech innovation hub

London, May 4th, 2022. Capital markets technology firm ScribeStar has been selected by Allen & Overy to join its Fuse tech innovation hub. Fuse brings together A&O lawyers and clients with best-in-class tech providers to promote new solutions in legal services.

ScribeStar’s capital markets platform digitally connects lawyers and issuers with market venues. It streamlines the process for issuing and maintaining securities, and generates useful investor information from its structured-data documents.

Prior to ScribeStar’s solution, the legal and regulatory elements of capital markets saw little technological progress. ScribeStar is transforming the industry by giving lawyers a tool that simplifies capital markets processes for them, saving considerable time and increasing efficiency. In parallel, ScribeStar’s platform can integrate with stock exchanges, extending the digital benefits and data flow across the value chain to regulators and investors.

Adam Shaw, Founder and Executive Charmain of ScribeStar, commented: “We are incredibly proud to be given this opportunity to scale our vision of a structured data driven capital markets ecosystem. ScribeStar is already working with many leading law firms and has been used for numerous transactions. Law firms and their clients have benefited from the substantial efficiencies our solutions provides, and with Fuse we look forward to the ongoing growth of our business.”

Announcing the new cohort, Shruti Ajitsaria, partner and head of Fuse commented: “We’ve had an incredible amount of interest this year with over 130 applications from technology companies based in 25 countries. The quality of these applications is a sign that we remain attractive to the LegalTech ecosystem and that the legal sector continues to be ripe for disruptive transformation. We feel immensely proud that Fuse serves as a key focal point in uncovering and supporting these new technologies.”

ScribeStar has been considered for Fuse as part of the client nominated stream. Shruti added: “The client-nominated stream allows A&O to gain an in-depth understanding of the direction of travel of each of our clients. Identifying areas of interest and investing time upfront in understanding the relevant subject matter means we are well aligned with our clients’ strategies, so we can provide them targeted and relevant support.”

Damir Cimer, COO of ScribeStar, added: “We are very pleased to be selected by Allen & Overy to join its Fuse programme. Building on the success of our solution for lawyers, our next objective is to integrate ScribeStar with exchanges and remove any remaining processing friction between the parties and allow seamless data flow from issuers to investors. Being part of Fuse and working with Allen & Overy colleagues will help us deliver on that objective. Also, the breadth and variety of talent and tech from the new Fuse cohort is remarkable and we look forward to closely collaborating with our peers.”

ScribeStar is one of 16 cutting-edge technology providers selected from among over 130 applications by Allen & Overy for its Fuse programme.

About Fuse and Allen & Overy

Fuse is Allen & Overy’s technology innovation hub. Fuse identifies best-in-class technologies, provides experiential learning opportunities and promotes technology adoption, by bringing together A&O lawyers and clients with resident cutting-edge tech providers.

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