LCMe .. the first version

If you have done any kind of programming or seen someone write code on a multi-panel application , you would have seen what is commonly called an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). An IDE is one of those tools which makes the work of programmers easier to manage and helps them work efficiently when they shuffle between different aspects of the code they write. Over time this Single Source of Truth concept has crept into a lot of technology tools and here at Scribestar the obvious question was raised “if legal professionals had an IDE where they could perform their work efficiently, enabling them to constantly switch context and move between different kinds of content, what would it look like?” Our initial thoughts were “does it add any value” and “will it be easy for our customers to use and understand?” The answer to both was a resounding “yes” and LCMe (Legal Content Management Environment) was born.

The founding principle of our product is to provide the tools required for financial and legal professionals so that they can collaborate and work efficiently. We wanted to create a tool-set which takes the best version of processes, and automates them using new and proven technologies. After a year of iterative development and incremental architectural changes we created the first version of LCMe. In addition to the value we know we provide, we are now able to deliver a faster and responsive experience by bringing all our capabilities into a single integrated environment. The notion of a Single Source of Truth was not glaringly obvious to our users, although it was always the keystone on which we built our platform. This move to LCMe makes, what we thought was obvious, even more apparent.

As technology providers we use the word efficiency a lot, and a large element of how we provide that efficiency is inevitably related to how our technology performs. The faster the technology and the simpler, the higher the rate of efficiency for our users. Every second counts and every unwanted byte of data delivered to a browser matters. In line with that thinking, we have reduced the amount of resources required by the browser, the size of the payloads involved and processing speeds significantly. On some tests over critical paths for users on complex document sets, we have reduced the browser payload by 90% and improved the speed by up to 10 times. This enhanced performance combined with a simpler user interface (UI) really makes using Scribestar on your projects a “no brainer”.

So what next ? We think this is just the beginning of how things will shape up. If you are interested in knowing more about us and what we do, you are welcome to contact us at