Tokenise and ScribeStar partner to digitalize admissions

LONDON, March 15th, 2022 –Tokenise, the new ownership exchange for security tokens, including fractional ownership and royalties, has today signed a letter of intent with ScribeStar, a capital markets technology company, to fully digitalise the admissions process for digital assets on the Tokenise Stock Exchange.

Tokenise is set to be among the world’s first fully regulated global stock exchanges for security tokens. It offers investors and issuers a self-service digital interface that provides 24/7 direct market access. Tokenise’s exchange is used for capital raising, primary issuance, secondary trading, clearing, settlement and registration of security tokens in, for example, buildings, artworks and land.

With its digital platform ScribeStar has transformed how legal, regulatory and administrative processes are done in the public capital markets space. Since its launch five years ago, ScribeStar’s platform has been used in nearly 90 transactions, of which almost 50 have been publicly announced IPOs or public listings. ScribeStar’s automation and streamlined workflows save time and money for issuers and their teams by making the process digital.

“ScribeStar’s technology is establishing the new standard for processing many of the inefficient segments of capital markets that still exist today. It’s the only truly seamless digital solution for preparing issuances in regulated markets”, said Mike Kessler, CEO and Founder of Tokenise.

“Tokenise is a digital exchange. Tokens are digital assets. Giving issuers a streamlined digital onboarding experience is a key component of that concept. ScribeStar brings in the experience of regulated public markets with a future-proof technology model. Working with them is a natural choice for us.”

“We are delighted to be part of the Tokenise project,” added Adam Shaw, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of ScribeStar. “Tokenise’s mission of democratising ownership and digitalising securities resonates extremely well with us. We are huge believers in tokenisation but also very vocal advocates for effectively regulating the environment for these types of assets.

“Tokenise is doing exactly that. They have recognised the opportunity early on, and have built a safe, secure, transparent and compliant market for tokenised assets, including digitalised equities, commodities and bonds. It’s an extremely attractive proposition for institutional and retail investors, and for many issuers who are looking to take their fundraising to the next level. We are very excited to have our technology used in the digital assets space, and we look forward to growing with this market.”

About Tokenise

Tokenise is set to be among the world’s first fully regulated global stock exchanges for security tokens. Tokenise is opening the door to the democratisation of ownership, where anyone can own and trade a piece of what they love, as well as unlocking access to previously untapped revenue for asset owners and artists.

Through Tokenise, everyone can now participate in fractional ownership or royalties by investing in security tokens. Fractional ownership allows investors to own a piece of the physical assets they love, such as buildings, ships and land. Royalty tokens – not previously available to trade on an exchange – unlock access to artists and artworks so that fans can own a slice of the income-bearing revenue.

Security tokens are regulated like other securities, meaning that – unlike NFTs and cryptocurrencies – all transactions pass through a regulated brokerage and undergo anti-money laundering (AML) checks. Tokenise’s mission is one of fairness and financial inclusion, empowering everyone to participate in the new world of security tokens easily, safely and affordably. Tokenise will launch in early Q2 2022.

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About ScribeStar

ScribeStar is a digital toolbox which uses customised workflows to streamline the complex legal, regulatory and administrative processes associated with issuing and maintaining securities, whilst creating structured financial and non-financial information in a machine-readable format. ScribeStar’s digital ecosystem provides complete project management for document production, review and approval. By utilising structured data our platform improves the efficiency of the entire process of raising capital and also allows the transfer of data seamlessly to exchanges, investors and other interested parties. This means that issuers can go to market faster, at lower risk, with reduced administration work for lawyers and regulators, and for lower cost than traditional methods.

ScribeStar’s key users are lawyers, issuers, regulators, exchanges and other professionals in capital markets. ScribeStar is a member of London Stock Exchange Group’s Issuer Services Marketplace, part of the UK’s Tech Nation Fintech cohort, Barclays Eagle Labs and CMS equIP. Its customers include law firms such as CMS, Taylor Wessing and Travers Smith, amongst others. ScribeStar has produced documents for all sizes of deals ranging from small Aquis listings, through to AIM listings and premium listings on the LSE.

Further information for ScribeStar:
Contact Simon Barker at:
+44 7866 314 331